Nudism near Barcelona

  • I was told by someone i was chatting to online that there are some nude beaches in Spain just north of Barcelona that are quite good. Can anyone confirm this or tell me what their names are, also if there is anywhere to stay that is reasonably priced - either nudist or not. Thanks 8)

  • I made my first experience with nudism in Calella (Costa Brava), towards Sant Pol de Mar (southwards). There´s a lovely little bay nearby the lighthouse. The hotels in Calella are cheap but pretty messy.

    You´ll find all nudist beaches of Catalunya on this CCN site. Click "Espais Naturistes".

    Nude regards! Headbanger

  • Wow - looking at the site looks like i'm spoilt for choice in terms of beaches to visit! :thumbsup: Many thanks for the link - any idea which of the following would be my best bet?

    1) fly and hire a car

    2) fly and take public transport

    3) drive there in the 1st place from uk

    Once again thanks for the response - looks like somewhere i'm definitely interested in visiting :)

  • A little disappointing that the op and other contributor on this thread are no longer members but perhaps someone else will come across this thread & find the links useful.

    I was staying at the naturist village of Charco del Polo in August. I was chatting to a young señorita at the beach who spoke perfect English. She was from Barcelona, in Lanzarote for a job interview and had a spare day so decided to find a nude beach. From what she told me, pretty much any beach on the Spanish mainland has a naturist/FKK friendly section. She said that she preferred 'our' beaches to the textile variety because they tend to be quieter, cleaner, more picturesque and generally occupied by friendlier people. I asked where in her opinion the best beach was. Ahh, easy, and hard to answer at the same time. Best beach, any that you can sunbathe nude on. The down side though, these are often the ones that textiles learn about then head to, meaning naturists end up moving on.

    She certainly rated the beach at Papgayo as remote and enjoyable and the one at Charco del Polo was great fun, though she was a bit surprised at the number of textiles there, which I had to agree was a puzzle to me also.i'll look for a thread on Charco and post there, or, start me up and try to explain in more detail.

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