Volleyball am Sonntag @Mueggelsee, Berlin

  • 8) so who is up for FKK volleyball at Mueggelsee ths sunday? Wannsee is also an option...

  • Müggelsee, rather. I'd be up for it, if a certain female person doesn't want to go somewhere else. 8) I'll know this evening hopefully.

  • i hope so too :) i'll be with a couple of friends, but the more the merrier, especially for volleyball. and on Mueggelsee there is a field for volleyball, so it is better. i can also bring my ping pong package - there are also tables for pingpong ;)

  • Hi, hast du einen Team ausgebildet? (Did you get a team together?)

  • yeah, we played 2vs2, and then later in the evening we also played badminton with 2 teams of 2 players. FKK beach at Mueggelsee is really great for this, although in the early afternoon the sand was too hot. but we definitely should repeat it again :)

  • Hey cool "wenn ich auch Berliner werden, spiele ich mit" Hopefully that doesn't mean I want to be a jam donut like JFK!

    Do you find you get a good result from creating and advertising 'events' like that? It seems a good way to build friends and community, I'd love to know the internet can work for good that way!

  • yeah, it is really amzing! i've got several contacts since i created my blog in the end of june. but so far have met only with two. not so many people are actually willing to meet and do smth active, he. but also i got to know a couple of guys just at the point (on the beach) who wanted to play. now we regularly meet with one of them. so i think it is indeed a good way to lokd for friends. we need more young and active :) so wenn werdest du berliner?

  • Hi
    yes, I think a lot of people are nervous about moving from the internet to 'real life' (although I am the exception as I fell in love online and moved to the other side of the planet!!). But its good too when your group starts slowly and you have a few people having lots of fun and doing what they want to do, its the best way to attract other people to join - being happy and enjoying!
    I don't know in and when I will be a true Berliner! We are coming for a visit in October, and since we are both photographers, we are looking forward to the energy of the city. I like Frankfurt a lot, but I believe Berlin is one of the top cities in the world and has an amazing art scene. I want to try to visit the Arena centre that you already told me about, but its only a short visit this time so probably we won't stay still very long!

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