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Wednesday, July 2nd 2008, 1:50am

ukrainian naturist in berlin

Hi all! i've been living in Berlin for 2 years now and have enjoyed numerous FKK places here. i would like to get to know more naturists around my age for common FKK activities like playing volleyball at Müggelsee or playing frisbee in water and canuding at Wannsee or maybe just badminton in Tiergarten... have a look at my blog - i've visited quite a lot of naturist places worldwide :)



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Wednesday, July 2nd 2008, 2:34pm

Welcome on board and greetings to Berlin, a good area for being naked :)



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Wednesday, July 2nd 2008, 10:59pm

Volleyball at Müggelsee? I'm in!
Canuding on the Wannsee sounds interesting, too.




Monday, July 14th 2008, 10:31pm

HI Berliners!
I am planning to visit Berlin sometime in October, for the first time. Can you tell me your insider advice on what are the coolest / most interesting things to see and do there? I hear there is an amazing creative energy there so hope to find some of that. As an artist, is there any kind of alternate / artistic / cafe culture zones to discover? Would be great to hear from those in the know!




Tuesday, July 15th 2008, 11:53pm

i'm not really in the know...

but i can recommend there are a lot of things going on from yoga classes to alternative cinema and massive techno raves. from naturist point of view it's also great because u can swim naked in the swimming pool there ;)




Thursday, July 17th 2008, 11:16am

hey this place looks very cool, and not part of the usual tourist trail. And your web page looks amazing too, really gets my mind racing with possibilities for some incredible art works - drawing, photography - with my current theme of whimsical nudes!!! Will post some galleries in the next weeks or so.

Meanwhile, even though you arn't in the know, what are the top places you would want to show friends who visit you in Berlin for the first time??




Saturday, July 19th 2008, 1:27am

what is whimsical nudes?)

as for the top ten places it always dpeneds on friends... i like Berlin historical museums (Pergamon, Altes), Berlin night clubs (Berghain, Watergate, Arena), Berlin lakes, hehe. u can find all kinds of thingsd here.

and i'm glad u liked the webpage. i've added an option for subscription if u want to keep track of updates




Saturday, July 19th 2008, 10:58am

cool, I'll subscribe to the page.
Whimsical nudes - images that are light hearted and playful - with a sense of humour, for example there is a photo on your page of someone jumping under a water sprinkler in a park. That is a bit whimsical. A lot of nude photography I find is too serious, a lot of black and white cliches with very serious faces and mean expressions, or else pseudo soft porn poses where the model is supposed to be looking sexy (but usually isn't!) I want to show the body as a beautiful and natural thing, but at the same time add in a sense of humour so that these two important parts of life are seen together, which is a bit rare!
you can see the first in the latest series at my blog

or else it will be on the homepage soon - I'm just translating it into a German version as well! :wacko: