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Dienstag, 3. November 2015, 22:57

Nude swims in UK

I don't know if there are many folk living in the UK that participate in this forum so apologies in advance if this is not news to any of you.

There are nude swim meets at many venues around the UK! Two reasons to mention this. I only recently found there is a weekly meet near me, which is excellent. The other reason, a lovely young German lady who has been living in the UK for more than 5 years only discovered the swim by accident a few weeks ago.

Chatting with her in the sauna, she explained that this was the first time during her period in the UK that she had been able to enjoy swimming, and more especially, using a sauna nude. She explained that she had grown up using such facilities in Germany naked and had been disappointed that there was nothing similar here in the UK. Going by the sense of relief, pleasure and sheer relaxation coming from her, I felt sad that it had taken so long for her to find this place. And I'm posting this in the off chance that she is not alone and to urge others to look online or ask at your local swimming baths.

I can point folk in the right direction for where to look for further information if anybody is interested.

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